little bean love

i wanted to share a story that i recently received from a little bean customer, who had ordered a special bib for her baby girl.

"Faith wore her bib for the pictures we had taken with her big brother, Dillon, and Dad, Jason. These photos were taken at the same time as the team photos so all of the players were standing by, watching me act a little goofy to make Faith smile. :) Fast forward a few weeks... every year, my husband and I have the senior football players over to our house for "Senior Meal." When the boys came in to the kitchen, they all had on " I (heart) Coach Cross" bibs! LOL Of course, they used marker and so they didn't look near as good as the embroidered bib from you. " :)

this is the reason i love my little business.
the people.
and their stories.
and how my little products bring big smiles :)

(see some new LBE designs... here or here.)

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Jen said...

Aw, that is just adorable! It should make you smile AND make you proud!

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