My Life People ~Meet Lilly!~

And now to the 3rd segment of My Life People!
You may know this little lady... Lilly :)

And here are her answers to my questions!

1. How do you know me?
Um. Because you’re my mommy.

2. What song are you loving right now?
Um. You put your best of both worlds. And you rock out the show. You put your best of both worlds and you rock out the show. I just sang the song. It’s really just best of both world. Just spell best of both world.

3. Tell me 3 things you do almost every day.
Watch tv. Hehe. Color. And lay on the ground. Hehehe.

4. What super star would you like to go out to lunch with?
Hannah Montana.

5. You get a shopping spree at Toys R Us, what do you put in your cart??
Um. Barbies. And um high school musical barbies and hanna montana. And Barbie books. and um strollers. With rock star glasses. That’s all. thank you staaaars.

My notes on Lilly:
It is safe to say that this is my most favorite girl in the entire world. I am constantly amazed by her. She is funny. She is caring. She is sweet and sassy. She is creative. She is curious. She tells you what she thinks. She laughs. She cries. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She is a constant source of entertainment. I have learned so much because of her. I cannot remember life without her. I am so proud of the little lady that she is becoming. Because of her, I want to be a better person. The best person I know how to be. I love you miss Lillian :)


ali said...

What a great girl! Thanks for sharing her thoughts with us!

Swedish Mama said...

Can't help but love Miss Lily.

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