today's mommy lesson

ever have one of those days that just drains you?
mentally. emotionally. physically.
that's what today was for me.

this morning cohen was having a very rough time sharing his hockey magazine.
wanting to comfort him, and make him feel better... without much thought, out of my mouth came these words:

"it's hard to share the things you love."

it was one of those moments, where i stopped and rethought what i had just said.
because i knew those words weren't just for him, but for me.
a pure truth. something i needed to hear.
not just about sharing a hockey magazine.
but my time, my feelings, my struggles, my joys, myself.

even though life is hard.
even though sometimes i wonder what in the world i am doing.
there are moments like these... moments spurred from my kids, that make eveything seem ok.
life is hard. and that's ok.

on a less serious note:
this is the conversation i heard tonight between lilly and her daddy while i was working in my office, and they were making daddy's 'famous' homemade pizza for dinner.

lilly: this is daddy's pizza! he made this recipe all by himself! he put cheese in the crust!
lilly: daddy! you should put this on your blog!
dave: i don't have a blog.
lilly: do you have a website?

and again, i was reminded that life is ok.
better than ok.


denise said...

i know exactly what you mean about our advice serving as a reminder for ourselves as well. i experience this often and it stops me dead in my tracks. i also can relate to the type of day you had today. i ended up retreating to our bedroom closet to just sit and cry when paul came home because it had just been one of those days. hugs to you! tomorrow is a fresh start and i'm thankful for that!!!

Rorie said...

Very good advice.

And I'm interested in that pizza recipe. Cheese in the crust. Mmmmm.

Jen said...

Ah, sharing a hockey magazine would be hard here, too. Poor thing!

arminda said...

Just have to say that this happens to me many times. I think it's kinda neat how God speaks to us through our own words sometimes, huh? ;)

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