trick-or- treat continued

i figure i better post the rest of the trick-or-treat pictures before christmas is here :)

here is little miss Hannah Montana. ("because i have blonde hair. not brown like miley cyrus.")

This is the 1st year that I wasn't so good in convincing Lilly what to be. But I was able to get her some real clothes that look like rock star clothes... instead of a 'Hannah Montana in a bag' costume.

At least I convinced the little man to be a gnome.

And an adorable gnome he was. (though he stated a few times he wanted to be a 'hockey gnome'. we're holding off on the hockey costume as long as possible, because i think once that starts, that is all that will ever be.)

here are a bunch of kids in the new neighborhood. one of the neighbors in the cal-de-sac behind us hosted a 'walking taco' dinner. so much fun. we are still very new here... but we do feel like we are starting to blend in.
our backyard neighbor brought out their little pet. in a sombrero. doesn't he look like he should be in some sort of commercial?? hilarious. (im guessing it's a he... maybe it's a she?)a family pic :)and some more cute gnome pics... with our backyard neighbor's buckeye gnome :)though all this stuff above was much fun... the best part was driving to our 'old' cal-de-sac and visiting with our 'old' neighbors. who are now some of our greatest friends. though we really like our new house, neighbors, and neighborhood... i really really miss our old place. we hadnt been back since we moved over 2 months ago, and we decided spur of the moment to take the kids trick-or-treating on the 'old' court. i am so glad that we did. when we got there, i gave lilly permission to run out of the van and go give hugs! i started down the line of about 6 hugs, and didn't even start crying till the 2nd or 3rd hug in :) 6 years with the same people will take a place in your heart. i miss them so much, but am so glad they are not just our 'old' neighbors, but our forever friends.


Jennifer Pierre said...

Cute! I do miss my old neighborhood as well! Can I see the group shot better?! I love the gnome he is adorable! Glad you had a fun evening sharing in both neighborhoods!

Rorie said...

What cute little trick-or-treaters! How sweet about your old neighborhood/friends too. Having good neighbors is such a blessing.

ali said...

I would consider that a victory with Lilly...little girls know what they want!

I love the gnome costume! That is my best costume of this Halloween for me! So creative!

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