the birth of a turkey {cookie}

so i might have a teeny obsession with the homemade sugar cookies and frosting.

for the open house, i wanted some kind of 'fallish' themed cookies. no 'fallish' themed cookie cutters were in the house, and i could not find anything suitable at any of the local craft stores. no turkeys. no acorns. no leaves. no nothing. and no time to buy something great online.

so what do i do?
work with what ive got.
a nice round cookie cutter has endless possibilities.

i draw up a sketch.
(to which dave laughs and says... 'are you sure you don't want a turkey cookie cutter?')
plan out the colors.
make up the round sugar cookies.
make up the frosting.
color the frosting.

and construct a turkey.
step by step.

and that little red thing under the beak is a gobbler. dont let anyone tell you anything different.

happy turkey season!


Rorie said...

Wow. Awesome cookies! Next time I need to bake anything, I'll just have you come out and do it, K? :)

Swedish Mama said...

Great job, you are great. Love your creativety.

Jen said...

Wow - I am impressed! Decorating cookies totally intimidates me.

arminda said...

Ohmagoodness those are too cute!

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