a few random things.

1. I am hosting a 6 vendor Open House, including Little Bean, in my home this weekend! See here for a few more details. If you haven't gotten an invite from me already, it's only because ...
A. I don't have your email.
B. You live in a far-away state
C. You are a stranger :)
(If you are local and you want more info, email me and I'll get you the flyer!!)

2. I did make a dip last Wednesday, I just forgot. And we did make one yesterday, though it was a lunch time dip. I'll share those later.

3. I have no whitty comment for this picture... besides the fact that this boy cracks me up.

4. Love in a laundry basket.
5. self portraits with lilly
6. Here is a fun coupon.

7. I am not ignoring questions you ask... (Rorie asked about Cornhole and Hot Dog Casserole, and Denise asked about Teacher's gifts this year) ... I'll get to those soon!! That'll make for another fun random post :)

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