the apple bandit

one day i noticed cohen was constantly chewing something.
i asked him what he was eating and he would reply... 'apple.'
every time i saw him chewing something, i asked him again.


we had apples for lunch that day.
so i didnt think anything of it.
just figured he'd found a few pieces that had made their way to the floor.

finally after hours of 'finding' these chunks of apples to eat, i ask...
'cohen, where are you getting these apples??'

he leads me to the fridge and points to the drawer.

2 apples.
looks innocent enough.

'yes, buddy that's where we keep the apples.'

then i turn one over :)
mystery solved.
at least he wasn't eating off the floor.
of course i'd never let my kids do such a thing ;)


Rorie said...

Too funny!
And of course, you wouldn't LET you kids eat off the floor. But how often do they do just what you let them do? :P

denise said...

hee hee! that's awesome!

ali said...

sooo funny!

I often grape stems hidden under the couch or behind the entertainment system. I always ask, "wonder how this got here?" and Josh never wants to fess up. It is so funny when they realize they can get into the fridge. Good thing Cohen went for something healthy and not too messy!

sarah said...

oh my gosh! that is adorable! what a smarty!

erin said...

Chad and I cracked up at this..hee hee

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