a challenge and some scrapping!


a challenge.
part 1 of the challenge.

grab a scrap of paper and something to write with...
jot down the FIRST person (friend/family/someone you know) that comes to mind for the following 3 prompts.

1. someone that doesn't have email
2. someone that you haven't seen (in person) in a very long time
3. that constant someone in your life. the person that is there for you all the time, for whatever reason (whether in real life, or via phone/email... )

...you'll have to keep on reading for part 2 of the challenge :)


You may never believe this.
I scrapped this weekend!!!!
It was so much fun. I always forget how much I enjoy this craft until I do it again :)

I got 6 pages done in a little under 6 hours! So, my journaling is not so great, er... not even there… lol… sorry erin! But I got 6 pages done!! I’m almost to the end of my stack of pictures I printed a loooong time ago, so I’ll be able to print out new (Nov 2007... ha!) ones to scrap!!

Next month I’m going to a weekend (yay!!!) crop fundraiser for Lilly’s preschool and I am VERY excited now that I have a little bit of the scrapbook fever back. Just think how much I’ll get done then :) Or not. I may be talking and eating too.

This year, I vowed to let myself scrap/go to a crop once a month this year. This will be so good for me.

most of these very fun (and very new to me) papers are from this awesome lady. she sent me a HUGE priority box filled with all kinds of scrapping goodies. let's just say it was like opening Hobby Lobby in a box :)

part 2 of the challenge.

Those 3 people you wrote down on that scratch paper?
I challenge you to mail them a note. A card. A letter.
The old fashioned way.

You know, with your own handwriting, some sort of paper, an envelope and a 42 cent stamp.
The kind of mail that you put in a real mailbox :)

(...and if #3 resides with you... send them a letter to their office building, or stick it in with the rest of your mail!)

(... and no one is stopping you if you have a few more people that you'd like to add to your list)

Have a great week everyone :)


Rorie said...

Oo, good challenge. I'll have to think to come up with someone that I know that doesn't do email. I'm sure there is someone out there. And everyone loves getting happy mail. :)

sarah said...

GREAT pages jen!
and i'm so happy you're putting the supplies to good use! and that brick hambly paper is perfect with the pippi page! :)

your challenge is great...
and timely! i JUST sent little thank you notes to 3 of my dearest friends. i hand wrote them and mailed them. TWO of the girls live in my apartment building but i even mailed those too! :)

lisa said...

What a fun post!

First of all, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog a few days back!!

Second, GREAT pages!! Love the pippy longstocking one most I think...

Third, what is this old fashioned way of mailing you speak of? LOL!! Great challenge! I'll do my best to get it done!

erin said...

Yeah for scrapping and enjoying it! So glad you plan to do a crop a month! Your layouts are fun!

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