crafty gifts of christmas

i think it is safe to say that all the homemade gifts have been given, received, and can now be shared on the blog :) here are some of them, in no particular order....

first up... brady's quilt.
for his 5th bday back in november :)
he's so cute... he says he takes it on all his weekend trips :)

Pillowcases made as an order for my sister...

Silhouettes of the kids for both sets of grandparents.

a BIG rag quilt for Dave's parents.

A rag quilt scarf for Brady.

A ball for Bryce:)

Silhouette ornament's for the boys' parents.

Purses/bags for Lilly's teachers.

Star ornmanets for Lilly and Cohen.
I made a number of these for a few other people too :)
GREAT for using up scraps!

The next two were custom orders :)

For my sister and her boyfriend...

A Pottery Barn Stocking that I was very scared to stitch on, but finally did it!! And i didn't ruin it!
Another adorable custom item!
I just stitched the name, not the whole blanket.
Though I wish I could take credit for the entire thing!

door draft stoppers :)
Luke's rag quilt, which we took to him today :)
He smiled and hugged it as soon as it was out of the bag, which made each second of cutting and sewing and snipping all worth while!

I am hoping to auction off a custom rag quilt next month for a special event that I am trying to put together. I will keep you all posted on that as it hopefully progresses :)

I was busy crafting almost every single night starting in the month of November and all through December. Either for Little Bean orders, or gifts that I was making as gifts... I certainly had my hands full. I'll try to prepare better for next year ;)


April said...

very nice....i can't wait to have kids so you can make things for them :) how did you make those silhouettes....adorable!

Jen said...

Wow - I am so impressed! You were definitely busy with all those projects! I love the Silhouettes and the Silhouette ornaments! Were they hard to make?

Mary said...

VERY CUTE stuff, I'd love to learn to make the blankets!! Ok, how did you get the (little) kids to sit so still??!? I make silhouettes with my second graders and they wiggle so much it drives me nuts!!

denise said...

Your craftiness and adorable ideas leave me with a minor girl crush on you! Hee hee. I am sure that you left all of your recipients extremely happy and thankful for the thoughtful gifts that you made. I'd love to know how you did the silhouettes. Overhead projector?

erin said...

Dang, girl! You were busy and I am so lucky to be one of the lucky ones! You amaze me with your talent!

Ishadow said...

wonderful work!! I recognize the stockings and backpack. :)

rmeyfe said...

Cute stuff!!

Colleen said...

Lots of cute stuff. When you make your rag scarves, what type of batting do you like to use...cotton?


Janelle said...

What wonderful gifts you made!!

Nicole and Sanjay said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I'm curoius, do you make T-shirt quilts?

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

WOW. I am really, really impressed with your insane amount of craftiness. And by insane I mean absolutely awe-inspiring, not mind-warping-into-dimentia-or-other-unfriendly-places... :) I am also humbled by the story of your friend's family. Kudos to you for being so willing to help and setting it all up. I am NOT crafty, but I will try to think of something I can do to help. Or someone else who is crafty and can help. :) Good luck!

PaisleyJade said...

Very cool gifts!

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