christmas and happy new year!

just wanted to share our christmas morning pictures, before the new year is here!

i hope you all had a christmas that made you smile :)

and to wish you all a happy new year, i wanted to share this video that ALWAYS makes me smile.

i had first seen it a while back and loved it then, but a friend sent me the link this past week... with perfect timing of course, and it immediately put a smile on my face :) (thank you Lesley!!)

if you haven't already seen it... enjoy.
if you have seen it... let yourself enjoy it again :)

may your 2009 be filled with music and dancing and smiles. may you and yours be happy and healthy and loved.

love, jen

1 comment:

Rorie said...

I love those dancing Matt videos. Looks like you guys had a very enjoyable Christmas! Have a wonderful New Year! :)

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