sweet treats and Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it's almost here. It's the eve of the eve.
I think it comes a little quicker each year.

And though this has been one of our most difficult holiday seasons, it has also been one of our best... thanks to many people, who we feel so blessed to have in our lives :)

Here are some sweet treats that we've been able to make and enjoy... even being able to get the ingredients to create these treats was a bi-product of people pouring their love on us!


sugar cookies.
betty crocker style.
i like her style ;)
the sugar cookie taste-testers.
who doesn't love butter and sugar covered in chocolate?
i used meijer butter. don' tell the land o'lakes police.
(thanks for this recipe erin!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Enjoy your time, and may you be surrounded with all that makes you smile :)



denise said...

Yummy treats! I am so glad that you guys were able to enjoy some baking and tasting time with your beautiful family. Thanks for the recipes too! The toffee looks soooo yummy:) Merry Christmas!!!

Tammy said...

Those sweet treats look GREAT and your 'testers' are ADORABLE! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

April said...

hey jen....

just wanted you to know that i LOVE my tote bag! it's huge....and may actually fit everything i have to bring home every day! i can't wait to use it when i go back to school next week!

hope you and the family enjoyed your christmas!

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