christmastime is here.

Christmastime is here.

While the kids are anxious to take each day off the countdown, I want them to stay up as long as possible.

So much to do. (Not to mention that Dave's bday is thrown in the mix!)

Lilly's pre-school had a Winterfest this week.
I helped out at the "Santa booth" along with Julie, Lilly's teacher from last year. (Santa is Julie's dad... and he was such a fun Santa!!)
Julie took these fun pics of the kids! Thanks Julie!!

Am I a bad mom that I wanted a picture of Cohen screaming on Santa's lap?!? heheh. Well, if he liked Santa, I'd want a picture of that too :) And Lilly is in the same frozen pose in each shot. Hilarious! i LOVE it!

There are so many things I enjoy about Christmas.

The goodies to make and eat.
(These buckeyes are my cousin April's recipe from the blog cookbook!! YUM!)The making of gifts. The giving of gifts. The getting of gifts (oh, it's fun to get gifts, i won't deny it!)

Seeing my kids and husband happy with surprises on Christmas morning.

The story of Christmas.

The holiday movies on TV, and Lilly and Dave wanting to watch A Christmas Story over and over again.

Driving around seeing the Christmas lights.

But the 2 things that I love about Christmas the most...

the things that I love just for ME....

1. Holiday Cards (sending and receiving them)

It's no secret that I love mail all year long. But knowing that we can get at least one fun card in the mail each day of December is so much fun for me. We hang them on the wall in our hallway, and soon the wall is filled. I love reading the little notes or letters and seeing the pictures. I even make a scrapbook page for each year using bits and pieces of the cards and photos we get. I love making our cards and picking out a photos. Addressing each envelope by hand. This year, even though we went through a rough patch, I still 'let' myself design up our card to print and buy postage stamps because I love this part of Christmas so much. Thank you to Little Bean for funding my Holiday Card addiction :)

2. Christmas Music

The music... I don't get tired of it. I love all my Hallmark music CDs, James Taylor, WOW Christmas collection, our MTV TRL Christmas CD :)... a mixed Christmas CD from Ali and Richard, the 2 local radio stations that play holiday music 24/7. It doesn't get old. Lilly asked if we could listen to a 'regular' CD today :) That's how much I love it! It's on. A lot.

Now... What is YOUR VERY OWN favorite part of Christmas?? And what Christmas music do I need to add to my wish list??

Happy weekend!


Rorie said...

I love buckeyes! Dh made some a few years ago and it was love at first bite! :)
I love Christmas music too - especially Trans Siberian Orchestra. They rock!
And getting Christmas cards. Happy mail is awesome.

ali said...

I have always loved my grandma's Christmas cookies and wrapping presents and now I love telling Josh about our Christmas traditions. He absolutely loved decorating the tree this year. He wanted to hear the story behind every ornament. He has also been watching A Charlie Brown Christmas about 4 times a day! He can recite parts like "TENS AND TWENTIEW!" even though he has no idea what he is talking about.

I am like you about the Christmas music. My new favorite Christmas is by Tonic Sol-fa, an acapella group. Look them up online. They also have a Christmas concert that will be on TV sometime during the holidays.

Aunt Tracie said...

Seems we all have a lot of loves about Christmas in common. After Jesus Christ, I too love the music, although I do stick some "regular" music in now and then. Try listening to Praise-Apella, they're GREAT. Got hubby 2 tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra for Christmas. He'll have to take me cause he's having foot surgery this coming week and he won't be able to drive. Pretty sneaky of me don't you think?
I love decorating the house. I've just spent 3 days and have gone through 14 big boxes of decoration supplies. That doesn't count all of the tree boxes. I have a tree of some sort in every room. Even the bathrooms, hallway, basement and back porch. This summer I finally found a 4 ft. hanging corner tree for our small family room. It looks awesome! So much fun! What a mess in the works, but beauty everywhere when finished. :)My next goal is to spend 2 or 3 days baking all of the yummies I've dreamed of making for years and years to share with others.
Still have to do my Christmas letters, but it's hard to get a picture when the kids don't all live nearby. I'll think of something ~ always do.
My daughter along with her 2 & 3 yr. old daughters are temporarily living with us so it's fun having them enjoy the sparkles of Christmas with us. They love Grandma's magic glasses to look at the trees with. They were a great Sister's week find, which all of the sisters bought so Jen, you should experience them too. Shhh, it may still be a surprise waiting to happen.
Have a blessed Christmas everyone.
Aunt T

denise said...

Hey Jen! Your Christmas spirit is contagious:) Another one of my favorites is sitting and taking in all of our tree's beauty at night when everything is quiet in the house. It's soooo relaxing...even better when there's a fire and Paul is enjoying the moment with me.

What do you hang up your cards with?

April said...

Yay for buckeyes! They're my favorite and I was so excited to see a picture of them in your blog. As for my favorite things about Christmas....I LOVE the music too! Chris just made me turn the radio off :) And the decorations (I go nuts in my classroom) and the baking...yummy! :)

Jen said...

Hmmm...for me, I would agree that I love getting cards! I almost never get fun mail anymore so that makes the holiday cards even more special. But since you already listed that...I would say another of my favorite things is driving around to see the Christmas lights. We pick one night during December, get the kids ready for bed as usual, tuck them in...and then sneak back to their rooms about 10 minutes later and announce "surprise!" They climb into the car in their pajamas and blankets, and we drive around. I think this year we may even bring along popcorn!

rmeyfe said...

Watching my kids get more excited every day is my favorite thing. Along with the Holly station on XM radio which I have had tuned in since the middle of November. :)

Happy Holidays!

Tammy said...

First off - I love screaming Cohen!! I think pictures like that are the BEST! So if you're a bad mom - I'm right there with ya :)

- Love Buckeyes.

- Love the excitement of Christmas morning.

- Love cards.

- Love a quiet house at night with the tree on and candles burning.

- Love "Home Alone" and "Christmas Vacation."

- Love cookies.

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