lights and skates :)

ok, so i said i was taking a blogging break.
i am... kind of.

i'm stitching out some gifts and i have these cute pics to share, so i thought i'd use my time wisely :)

we went out to the zoolights sunday night.

the lights are cool-
but the BEST part...
they have a little ice rink out there.
free skating with your zoo admission and your own skates.
just our type of deal:)

so here is cohen's first time out on the ice!!
(thanks to grandma and grandpa H for the adorable little skates!)

lilly enjoyed herself too :)

...and just to prove that i was there :)

enjoy your week :)


Rorie said...

Cohen looks a little bit scared in that first picture out on the ice. He is adorable in the skates though!
We got your Christmas card the other day - thank you so much! You have such a cute family. :)

rmeyfe said...

How fun!! Love the picture of the lights reflecting on the water!

ali said...

Loved seeing the kids on skates!

Jen said...

Aw, those skating pictures were too cute! We need to get our kids back on the ice this winter. Also I was going to tell you that I finally got to try the cut-out/sugar cookie recipe from your cookbook. Loved them!

Tammy said...

You got some great pictures of the lights! What a cool place!! And those skates are KILLING ME! So tiny and so cute.

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