i have so much to be thankful for.
so much so that the list would be neverending, and even then i would probably leave something out.

during the past 5 weeks, our family has litterally been surrounded by living angels. they were always there, but the past month, they have really shown themselves. some of them read this blog, a few have no clue this blog exists... but without naming names or giving specifics... THANK YOU for taking us under your wing. thank you for putting a smile on my face, and making me cry happy happy tears over and over again. all the things you have done for us, big and small, have been so amazing. thank you for helping without me even having, or really without me wanting, to ask.

i hope that eveyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and was able to reflect on all that there is to be thankful for...

i am definitley thankful for these little owls.

and thankful for their awesome daddy who took these pictures without me knowing, and finding them on the camera was a little surprise that i did enjoy :)

i am thankful for each person reading this. if you are here, you have probably touched my life in one way or another, and for that i am so thankful! some of you i don't know, but i am thankful for you reading my blog just the same!

have a wonderful week everyone!!


Betty said...

You are so sweet Jen. I would love that someday we have the change to meet and scrapbook together. W have a lot in commun.
And you are right you have been bless with a beautiful family.
Happy Holidays

Rorie said...

Beautiful post Jen, and as usual, such cute kids! :)

positively lisa said...

I am so glad you have seen love and comfort from angels around you!

GREAT pics of the kids! What a sweet surprise for us photo lovers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

April said...

love you jen! i wish we lived much,much closer!

erin said...

Such a nice post!
Love the pics of the kids!

Anonymous said...

Your family has touched my heart, as well!!! Thank you for the simple reminder to be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving every DAY!!!

Jen said...

Oh, those owls are adorable - and such great pictures! Such a sweet post...I love all the reminders to be thankful that this time of year brings.

denise said...

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

aaronandsharla said...

You have some very cute stuff- (including your darling kiddos:))
Thanks for leaving a comment for me. Your tree looks so pretty - we don't have ours up yet- Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of your children!


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