what are YOU doing tonight?

my favorite part about this year's election?
(besides that fact that it's almost over...)

i get to SEW tonight!!

what better background noise over my sewing machine than the presidential election coverage? (for real though, i hope you voted. we did.)

i will be starting the finishing touches to a bday gift that's been a slllooooowww going process. then i have another one to start on for the end of december!!

i have a few other things i may sew in between. another bday gift. finish up a baby shower gift. and maybe ill sew up that hole in my shirt that's been laying around here for a week.

i'm not sure if any of you follow the Little Bean Embroidery Blog (without me directing you there first...) but there are a few new things going on over there!
I've added a few new things... and I've also started a mailing list. All the info is on the LBE Blog, but here is the link to the mailing list for anyone interested. I'm woking on even MORE fun things to add to the store, so sign up for the mailing list if you want to be one of the first to know what is going on. (spread the word........)
And one last thing before my machine finishes a monogram, and I trudge all my stuff upstairs for my evening of sewing...
another HUGE thank you for all the continued thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and support. It is amazing what you people in my life are doing for us. I can hardly believe it. Thank you.
All the things you think are little things, well... they are huge right now. Thank you thank you thank you.

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ali said...

I love the new Little Bean stuff!

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