im usually a 'make crafty gifts for christmas' girl.
but, this year i have a feeling that it's going to be a straight up home-made christmas.

as in... "what can i make from the supplies i currently have in my home" home-made.

-the list in my head is already forming.
-my favorite links folder on internet explorer is growing.

im sure some of you are starting lists of your own!
so here i share with you a bunch of stuff that ive made in the past few months. not for christmas but for other things... weddings, bdays... just for fun!

Bibs for my grandma :)

(With guidance from this tutorial)

Hankerchiefs for Grandpa Bill.

Roll up reusable grocery bags.

A new dress for Emma-Lilly.

Towels and more towels!

A little monster. Which we call "H-Man".
(Made from this tutorial)

A few headbands.

i had made one of these before, but it came out much too big for lilly. in my attempts to resize them to fit lilly's head, i accidently made one precisly the size for a 4 month old :)
happy crafting to you all :)
for those of you who aren't into the crafty thing....
happy shopping :)
speaking of shopping... here's a great place to shop ;)
i plan to update the site over the weekend.
sign up on our mailing list to get the news when i do!!
have a great weekend!!


jojoebi said...

just popped in to say thank you for leaving a comment over at my place. Now I have got a load of new blogs to read - and leave comments on...what was I thinking?

Some great present ideas there, I am doing very much the same, making things from my stash, so far, it is going well

jo :o)

ali said...

How hard was the H Man? Looks so cool!

Jen M said...

What fabulous gifts!! You are very talented.

craftymama said...

wow! have you made all that stuff already!?? you are very organized and it looks great. thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm glad for your input- it is really just something i've been thinking about- i also like the 'happy place' ideal. maybe we bloggers could just share our tips for making it all happen? :)

Annie said...

I love that tree and font for Grandma! So beautiful!

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