every time i try to write, i just dont know what to.
you may have noticed a new little button off to the right.

here is the story.

dave met stef through church as a greeter.
stef held our hands as we had lilly's chubby lop-sided cheek tested.
we've crossed paths. not many. but just enough.
we have followed their story.
and we feel close to them, even though we may not be.

we feel them. we feel for them.
and i want to do something more for them.
something that i can't do all by myself.

i remember seeing benefit auctions on blogs.
to support people. and love them.
i am so inspired with what people do for each other in times of need.

i may not have the right words.
or the funds to make a difference.
or even that one thing that they need in that one moment.

i do have my prayers to give.
i do have my talents to share.
i do have a network of very amazing people in my life.

I am inviting you to join me in the Tarapchak Family Blog Auctions...
There are at least 4 ways you can participate...

1. Spread the word! (link a button to your blog, send on the blog auction link, send out an email...)

2. Host an auction on your blog (if you are interested, please email me for more details! jenfinh@yahoo.com)

3. Shop and bid on auction day!! Saturday, February 14th and Sunday February 15th. Mark your calendars now!

4. Send your thoughts and prayers to the Tarapchaks :)

Click the above button, or the button in the side bar, to go directly to the Taraphack Family Blog Auctions Blog for more details.

you know ill be reminding you about this one :)

xoxo, jen

1 comment:

Nicole and Sanjay said...

This is so very thoughtful and kind of you Jen, we will check it out!

-Nicole Parker

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