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a few people have asked about the destination of our 2009 vacation... the beach is called Atlantic Beach, NC.

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ok... so quite a few were interested in the teeth and the vents :)

TEETH: I already have trays that I wear to sleep as a follow up to my braces, so all I needed was the bleaching gel. I got it at my dentist. It was fairly affordable, since I didn't have to pay to have trays made just for the bleaching. Having the trays made is the costly part :) And since I spent a small fortune on braces to have my teeth and overbite corrected, I figured I could spend a tiny bit more to be even happier with my smile.

VENTS: Well, I'm not a vent expert, but I think 'they' say you are supposed to have your vents cleaned once a year. Just like you are supposed to have your hair cut every 6 weeks, your teeth cleaned every 6 months, your oil changed every 3,000 miles, etc. The vent bill was not cheap, but we did have 3 additional vents cleaned (on top of the 10 included in the initial price), and our furnace cleaned as well (and of course the furnace had an additional box to clean), since that had never been touched either. The inital 'coupon' price was $79.99 for 10 vents. But we all know that's just the price that drags us in. We really did need the vents and furnace cleaned though, so I didn't mind the overall price to make our house nicer. We need to find a better quality air filter now, to help keep things clean and out of the air a bit more. My sneezing is less, though still there. I think I need to change pillows :) What do they say?? Change them every year?? Something like that. I'm sure I'm well over that time limit.

And I'm glad to hear that others have the same issues with the ipod ear buds. Now I don't have to worry that I have weird ears :)

Lisa says… Just got the form for the crop in March for the PTA...will we see you there?
I won’t be making the March crop. It’s Lilly’s bday weekend and our neighbors are getting married that weekend as well!

Daphne asks… DO you Facebook?
NO!! I keep in touch with just who I want to via this blog :) No need to add to my already time consuming blogging.

Colleen asks… When you make your rag scarves, what type of batting do you like to use...cotton?
Hmmm. I use the same as in my rag quilts :) Which I guess is cotton? I never even looked to be honest! If it is something other than cotton, I will let you know!

Nicole of Nicole and Sanjay says… I'm curious, do you make T-shirt quilts?
I haven’t made one yet! Though they do seem neat, I haven’t made a ‘real’ quilt before. Just the rag quilts, which you ‘quilt’ as you go... rather than making the front, then quilting the back on real type of quilt.

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