blog sharing, a new game, a recipe and a give-away!

it's amazing how many wonderful ones are out there.

blogs about cooking, baking, recipes, scrapping, stamping, card making, sewing, crafting mommy-ing, families.... everything.

i saw one about meijer the other day.
i'm sure there is a blog about peanut butter.
i bet there is a blog about buttons too.
and maybe even one about seashells. and worms.

i have a little addiction to reading blogs. i admit it.
i get SO many ideas and so much inspiration from them.
you read one blog. it has a link to another blog. you click it and you find a new awesome blog to add to your list. that's just how it works!

i do follow quite a few blogs, but i use bloglines to tell me when they've been updated, so im not wasting hours on end seeing if my favorite blogs have been updated. (I highly recommend bloglines to anyone who isn's already using some sort of 'blog organizer'.)

Anywho... I just wanted to share a few things recently found while blog hopping.

This game... Don't Eat Pete!! (The link to the download gameboard is there)

SO SO cute. The kids LOVED it!!
When i read the directions it seemed too simple, and maybe even boring.

But i'm glad we tried it, because it's now one of our favorites!

We've used oyster crackers and M&Ms so far... Dave and the kids played it for dessert the other night. We only printed it black and white, so I'm anxious to print it in color and laminate it :) Cohen plays his own game with his own rules and drooly chocolate slobber fingers :)

Lilly and Brady even extended the game (all by themselves!) by choosing 2 Pete's during one game:)

Another blog find... i've always loved her recipes. but THIS Mac&Cheese recipe i believe is my new BEST mac&cheese!! i adapated it, as i dont have kosher salt, so i sprinkled the tiniest bit of regular salt in, and cut the butter to about half of what it called for. DELICIOUSNESS.

These next blogs are just fun.
They are in my bloglines, but often i go to them just to have background music on while i sew/embroidery/check email/whatever im doing. it's fun to find hand-selected playlists from someone whom you share a similar taste in music. though i love all kinds :)

Old Red Barn Co. (listening to this now!)

Allie Hoopes

Ain't Nothin' but an E Thang Baby

Speaking of music... thanks to Target's 75% and 90% holiday sales... we doubled (maybe even more than doubled) our Christmas CD collection!!

Enjoy this video of the new Cheetah Girls (and Boy).

Alright so if you are still reading... here are the give-away details!

I will be giving away personalized address labels. I have a thing for return address labels and I have the things to make them... so nothing fancy, just fun! They can be made for yourself or as a gift. half and half. Whatever you choose!

There will be 2 winners... one who gets the closest number and one random winner :)

The number I'm looking for... how many blogs do i have in my bloglines? That number will probably change from now till when i do the giveaway, so guess accordingly :) I will pick winners right before my next post... so in a few days i'd guess! Check back then to see if you've won :)

One hint :) I read a blog the other day, and she said she had over 600 blogs in her bloglines. That number made me feel better about the number I have ;)

Have a great week!!


C. Gray said...

I would LOVE if there were a blog about peanut butter.

Rorie said...

Thanks for the game and the recipe blogs. I saw several recipes on there that I want to try! (Should I be happy or sad that you're furthering my blog addiction? LOL)
I'm going to guess that you have 250 blogs that you check. ;)

denise said...

Blogs ARE so much fun! I'd say that you follow about 135 of them:)

lisa said...

I love your blog! So I love that you love so many blogs!! LOL! Can't wait to try the game! And cruise that blog for recipes! I'd guess....243 blgs in your bloglines!!

Just got the form for the crop in March for the PTA...will we see you there?

Anonymous said...

Jen! I love reading your posts. Maybe one of these days I will check a few of them out :) Anyway, my guess is that you check 315 blogs.

Trish W.

ali said...

I'm guessing 347

Anonymous said...

I am guessing 419 blogs - Liz

Christy said...

My guess is 222.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

just checking your blog. A lot of great stuff going on. I will have to make the mac and cheese as that is one of my favorites anyways. We make your recipe a lot too. I will call you sometime soon. I got your message yesterday, but have been so busy. I am nesting now, but I get this way a lot even when I am not pregnant, so who knows!!! My guess is 187 blogs that you have in bloglines.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen...I'm guess 430 blogs- Courtney

Anonymous said...

Well, I am guessing that you follow 121 blogs a day; I cant imagine anymore due to you sewing, babysitting, cooking and listening to GREAT MUSIC on that one blog "Old Red Barn Co." Thank you very much!!! I love that music; fun. I even danced with Paul on the one song: "Its A Wonderful World!" Take care and pick me!!!

DO you Facebook?


April said...

hey jen....my guess is that you follow 203 blogs!

david4784 said...

Hey sweetie girl,

I am guessing that you follow 104 blogs a day..

Love ya,

Mary said...

I love all the fun things I get from your blog! I like how you pass the best along to those of us who don't have many blogs we follow! I'm guessing you follow 162 blogs : )

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