Q&A, a big day, and unders :)

In attempts to make this blog of the more interactive sort, I have set up a little section where I will answer any questions left in my comments! It's off to the right in the side bar.... see it? It says...


Then you click "Find the answer here!"... and wallah!
Questions and their answers :)

I will do my best to answer questions sooner or later.
But I thought it would be nice of me to respond :) So, if you do leave a question... check back there for the answer!

I had the inauguration on all morning, then went to pick the kids up and turned the TV back on. The kids were a bit bummed that they weren't going to get to watch Full House today:)

The best part was when the 5 of us (including me holding Cohen and Bryce in the exersaucer... ha!) stood up for the swearing in of the new President. When it was over, the crowd on TV went wild, wild with those billions of little flags... Lilly and Brady automatically, unprompted, put their hands over their hearts and started reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. (Which still includes the Widgens.) That's what it's all about. Regardless of your politial stance. The future is what matters.

...and just because, what good is a blog post without pictures?
Check out the new unders.


denise said...

Great idea with the Q and A section! You're always coming up with great ideas:) I'm glad that you all enjoyed the coverage today. I caught some of it too, but would have loved to just sit and watch the whole thing.

Rorie said...

Joey has those very same undies. He loves them. :) Although he has yet to wear them on the outside...

Anonymous said...

Those pics are too funny! That is a cool idea with your Q & A section. I am officially off work now!! Yay! We will keep you updated! I hope this little one decides to come on a weekend so you guys can come up to the hospital. That would be great! Talk to you soon.


Tammy said...

'Full House' is a fine program - I can understand their disappointment :)

And how FUNNY are those pictures?! Definitely ones to show their future dates ...

P.S. I'll be placing an order soon - another 10TV baby was born on Thursday!

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