love to the Widgens.


By the Republic the Widgens stand.

Classic :)


Anonymous said...



Krysty said...

Those Widgens are a strong group of people aren't they? :-) That's too cute...Great idea to video them. Cohen has such a contagious smile!
I love that they learn the Pledge at preschool. As Braden learned it last year, Brooks would say "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of American Idol." Nice!

Janelle said...

Love it! They are both so adorable!

Betty said...

what a cutie, this remain me last year when Delany finally learned, she was saying it for everybody except for the camera that is why the video is so bad but at least I got. you can check it out here.
have a happy day!

ali said...

I love the AMEN at the end of the first one!

denise said...

Cute!!! What a treasure to have that on video:)

Rorie said...

I love the "Amen" at the end of the first one. Too funny!
And Cohen has the cutest little dimples!

Tammy said...

Okay that was WAY TOO CUTE!!! They are just adorable. Thanks for making me smile :)

positively lisa said...

OMGosh! How flippin cute!! Zach's just learning it too, I'll have to steal your idea and record it! Coehn's smile is just too much! I think I smiled as big as he did just looking at him!!

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