we have fruit.
TONS of fruit.
growing in our very own backyard :)

we have 2 apple trees, and a pear tree...
and this year they have decided to grow wild & free.

the neighbor behind us has a peach tree.
we traded fruit a few weekends ago.

i made this peach cobbler.
(a recipe from the blog recipe cookbook i put together.)

it is THE BEST cobbler that i have EVER had.
let alone made. (thanks christy for sharing!!)

i will never (well never is a strong word, but i would say probably not ever) make a bisquick/jiffy cobbler again.

i think ive made about 5 so far... 2 peach, 1 pear (not my favorite in a cobbler), 2 apple. mmmm.

dave and cohen just went out to check the trees and check out this huge pear they brought in... now, yes, cohen is little, but that pear is the size of his head! and his head is in the 90th percential! (unlike his 5% weight and 50% height...)

Any of you who are local and would like to come by our 'apple and pear farm' let me know, and we will set up a time. For real! You can bring your bag/basket and get some yummy home grown, pesticide/chemical-free juicy fruit :)

I'd love for the fruit to go to happy homes rather than rot and collect a gigantic swarm of bees under the tree, or fuit flies in our house (which we had last week...)

Dave does want me to warn you that the apples aren't as pretty as the ones in the store... or the pears for that matter, but they do taste good and they are great for baking.

Have a great week!!


Val said...

Jen, that is awesome!! if I was closer, I'd be there with my wheelbarrow. lol. I'm going to email you an awesome recipe. you can really use any fruit in it. It is awesome with apples, or peaches though.

Krysty said...

What a huge pear! I would like to pick some apples if you don't mind. Let me know when a good time is...I can come while the kiddos are in preschool...or whenever!

Janelle said...

Yum! Sure wish I lived closer ~ I would definitely take advantage of your offer!

Rorie said...

Oh, I wish I lived close enough! I love home-grown fruit! Sooo much better than what's in the grocery stores.

Betty said...

Wow excited!
Great pictures, love the ifrst one.
You are right the fruit that grow in home for some reason don't look like the store but the flavor it is much better. Back in Mexico one of my girlfriends from school has a peach tree and they look little and kind of green but they were the most jicy and sweet peaches I have ever had.
You are so nice in sharing god will give more.

Anonymous said...

Attention Readers!

This is the sister of Jen sending you a quick note (as there is currently no power in at her house)she called me all the way in New York to let you know...she's not being rude. She's just hanging out with the kids, watching Dave cook frozen pizzas on the grill and trying to cheat at Rummy by candlelight! If you are close enough to come get some of the goods - go on over!

Katie said...

they are smaller because you probably don't give them crazy growth horomones. If you were closer I would pop buy and pick some. But alas it's a long drive.

rmeyfe said...

I miss fall so much!! Wish we were closer too!! Take care and hope you get power again soon!!

Anonymous said...

hope you have an apple pealer corer slicer from pampered chef. if you don't i think it would be something you would like. plus they have awesome easy dessert recipes. i don't have the apcs BUT i'm thinking about making apple picking a tradition. i think you would get a lot of use out of it though. krysty might have one. who knows maybe you own one all ready. happy apple eating! and pear and peaches!

Jen said...

Now I'm even more excited to try the cobbler recipe from the cookbook - the chocolate chip cookies were a big hit here! Glad to see that you got your power back and everyone is OK.

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