starting school... (and a garage sale goody)

Lilly has been in preschool for a couple weeks already, so i suppose i better share some of those 1st day photos before christmas is here :)

Don't you love her shoes??
Saucony. Adorable.
$1.00 at a garage sale!!

Speaking of garage sales...
I haven't been so great with sharing all our good finds this summer. But here is a fun one...

Remember THESE?!?!

We found 3 sets... this one, another Holly Hobbie, and The Peanuts gang. 50 cents each :)

SO much fun!

lilly got a kick out of playing with something that mommy used to play with :)

Have a good one :)


rmeyfe said...

OMG I totally had one of those Holly Hobby sets as a kid!! My whole bedroom was Holly Hobby!!

Great find! Hope she likes it as much as I did as a kid!!

Krysty said...

So cute! I had a Holly Hobby room as a girl too. That's something that is so hard to find...unfortunately, one character of our childhood that has not made a come-back on the market!

Rorie said...

She is so cute! That backpack is almost as big as her. :)
Nothing like finding a great deal at yard sales, too. :)

Tammy said...

Lilly is so darn cute and she has the SWEETEST smile. I love your garage sale goodies too - Holly Hobbie was my thing!

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