wind storm

so wouldn't you know, the second i post about all of our lovely fruit, we have a horrible wind storm.

60-75 MPH winds for two hours straight.

which in turns knocks pretty much all the apples off the trees. can you see all of them out there on the ground??we were able to save a bunch of them!

we lost electricity at about 4:30 sunday afternoon.
just as i had put a chicken recipe in the oven. which dave then put on the grill to cook.

in the meantime we folded laundry by dave's headlight.

played rummy and war to candle and lantern light.

busted out my dinky mp3 player and hooked it up to my mini computer speakers.

we cooked everything on the grill...
including little italian subs, cookies, apple cobbler, pita chips, and california pizza kitchen pizzas.
some of that was for the 'grill what you got' cookout in our driveway with a few neighbors.

speaking of neighbors, one lost her tree to the storm :(

the kids were fine.

they go to bed before the sun is completely set, so we didn't have to worry about that. they did enjoy bathtime lit by lantern though :) they do wake up when the moon is still out, so the one morning was a bit different for us.

during the day... they got out a new special toy which kept them occupied for quite some time.

lilly even made a list of all the things she/we couldn't use without electricity :)

i actually quite enjoyed having a few days out of the ordinary :)


Katie said...

welcome back to the land of power.

Rorie said...

Oh my, how long were you without power?
So sad about all your fruit! I'm glad you were able to save some of it, at least.

erin said...

Bummer about the fruit, but so glad you were able to save some! Glad you found the fun in the not so fun situation!

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