i do scrap.

i scrapped with my friend erin today (YAY!!) and realized that i never shared the layouts from the last time i scrapped. which was also with erin, over a month ago im sure.

the age of the kids in the pics will tell you just how far behind i am in my scrapping :) i did get 6 more pages done today, and with any luck i'll post those within a month or so.
i do love scrapping!!
my style is very simple, but i am ok with that.

remember... MP is closing soon!!

I'm working working working on my new embroidery store! In all those little free moments that I have. Which means from about 8-10 at night, and/or in between any shows that I am watching from 8-10pm :)


rmeyfe said...

You are more caught up than me!! Great pages!!

erin said...

I loved scrapping today with you and we really need to nail down a date for next time! love the layouts!

Rorie said...

Doesn't it feel so good to finally scrap again? Your pages look great!

heather breuninger said...

aaaaaaaah im so jealous! i need the time!

Janelle said...

Awesome pages, Jen!!

Betty said...

Wow my favorite layout is the last one, love the colors and the stamps that you used.

Mary said...

I love your simple style, so cute! I wish I was a scrapper!

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