it's cold.
but life is good.

my sister sent me new music in the mail today!!
2 of my favorite things. mail and music. thanks miss :)

it's a good TV night :)
earl. kath and kim. the office. grey's.
scratch earl. george W is on.
no k&k either. darn president.
that means I have time to finish this post ;)

hot chocolate sounds good.

no school tomorrow! Yay!
(loading and unloading 4 kids in carseats to go to preschool is not my favorite activity in the world. especially in the arctic tundra.)

the winners of the labels are.....

Rorie with a guess of 250 (i currently have 280 in my bloglines!! that isn't horrible right?)


Ali as the random winner (thanks to Dave who drew that!)

I have both your contact info, so I will email you sooner or later to get details on what you'd like :) Thanks to all who played :) I love knowing that there are really people out there reading this!

And if you haven't already, please click the link below... and even more so, please help me in spreading the word of this event.


Me plus 3 Hecks said...

I just added the auction button to my blog: hope it gets some people over to it--good luck again!

Rorie said...

Woo-hoo, I won! Nah, 280 isn't bad. ;) Just think of it as continually expanding your horizons. :)

I'm so sorry you're dealing with the cold. I would not survive. My blood is way too thin!

ali said...

Thanks to Dave for picking me! I am excited to get new labels! I always love yours!!

The cold has been bad and I only have 2 to get in and out of the car. Lucas just looks at me and says "Cold!" in the saddest little voice. I can imagine that he is thinking Why is mom doing this to me!?!?

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