a random post.
because i love reading the random posts of others :)

1. i got my hair cut a few weeks ago (thanks to my sister who spoils me!).

2. after taking pictures of my new hair and seeing once again the lovely shade of my teeth... (here's a closer up for for your pleasure, though it still isnt a great portrayal of how bad they were, im not going to show you a full on frontal grin)

i finally let myself fix that issue :) (see pic below)
so happy that i did :) it's so nice to feel good about your smile.

3. i've been doing lots of cleaning/decluttering. im tired if being that kind of person. it's amazing how a clean space can make you feel :)

4. we got our vents professionally cleaned!! 1st time since we've lived here (which i won't say how long that's been, though some of you can figure it out... too long to not clean your vents). let's hope that helps the dust issue. and the sneezing issue.

5. we had friends over for a Wii party and food eating yesterday. i said i wouldn't post pics :) lilly took most of the pics, so im sure you can imagine how those are.

6. went to a chuck-e-cheese bday party with lilly last night. that place is wild. here is the bday girl's gift.

7. worked on a custom embroidery order this morning.

8. sorted and sent to order our Dec. and Jan. pics. need to save them and get them off the camera.

9. listening to my hand me down from dave ipod. it's on shuffle. my music taste is hilarious. so many different types. love it all. the earbuds hurt my ears though. lol. my ears must be a weird shape or something. ha.

10. updating the LBE site and LBE blog. pink totes are back in stock and i have red now too!

11. just some pics of a few of my favorite little people :)

12. Go here and check out the master list of auctions! A few of our auction hosters have given sneak peaks as to what they are auctioning :)

Happy week to you all!


denise said...

Love your new haircut and smile Jen:) You look wonderful! We've never had our vents cleaned. How often is that supposed to happen? I have a LBE item that I'd like you to make and hope to send you the original that I have sometime soon. Are you up for a project like that? I looks like an easy one. I think:)

Krysty said...

Hey there Jen...love the randomness! Sometimes it's those things that mean the most and I love your new cut. Looks great on you. iPod earbuds hurt my ears too. I've looked at new ones, but the selection overwhelms me and I don't feel like that's something that you can just try out and return. Gross!

Jen said...

Love your haircut and your teeth look great, too. OK, I'm going to confess that I didn't know we were suppose to get our vents cleaned! Let me know if it helps. I wonder if it would help with my husband's allergies...

sarah said...

CUTE haircut!

and yeah...
i don't know anyone who's ears don't hurt from the ipod earbuds. i think they make them that way on purpose in the hopes that you buy the fancy ($$$) ones from them?

lisa said...

Um...yeah. Vents never been professionally cleaned. I too am decluttering and it feels GREAT! and my earbuds hurt my ears too!

OH, and your teeth look great!

Tammy said...

Cute hair! And I must know about your teeth and the vents! Did you get the teeth done at the dentist's office? And do tell about the vents. We DESPERATELY need that done. I'm curious on the cost of both things - but if you'd rather not share - I COMPLETELY understand. I always see the coupons for the vent cleaning though and I wondered what it would cost us. And the teeth? I just bought Whitestrips but haven't opened the box yet. As for the de-cluttering - I took today OFF just to de-clutter. Sent the kids to the sitter and got to work. It felt GREAT!!!

Rorie said...

I love your haircut! It looks great. :) Yay for decluttering too. I'm attempting that here as well. But the kids keep finding the toys I'm trying to get rid of.

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