quick hello

i'm still here.
too much.
being me.
i drive myself silly.
i wish i could just say... ok.
this is the right thing.
just do it.
i really want to want to.
with no hesitations.
at all.

my husband on the other hand.
he's confident.
bold. daring. adventurous.
borderline egotistical :)
depending on the situation.
i admire him for that.
his faith.
that eveything will be ok.
that we will make the right choices.
we've done ok so far.

it will be fine.
everything will happen just how it is supposed to.
even if it requires a small leap on my part.

ok... enough of that poetry style writing.
just had to get that out ;)

i'll be back.
when my mind settles down.
and i feel rested.
and caught up.

have a great weekend :)


Rorie said...

Well, I hope that things are going well with you guys!

arminda said...

I am absolutely a sucker for poetry. :) Love this post.
I hope your mind has settled
since this was written
and you feel rested
and caught up. :)

Chat soon! :)

Krysty said...

Hey there Jen,
Wish I could say "Just do it!" for you, but unfortunately, I'm one of those people that can't make a decision to save my life either! Praying for that very clear answer for you! Hope you have some clarity on it soon!

Heather Conrad said...

Love this girl... I was following every line with ya. I'd write more, but my mind is not settled
I'm really not rested
definitely not caught up
tomorrow's another day :)

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