Happy Vday and THANK YOU!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all :)

I am addicted to this sugar cookie recipe.

I made hearts for Lilly's class.
I made bowling ball sugar cookies for a bowling party today :)
If there is a reason... I will make these sugar cookies!

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in making the Tarapchak auctions so successful!

I am so excited as to the results!!
I'm waiting to tally our entire earnings towards the children's fund until the donations/winning bids start coming in, because these are the kinds of surprises that I do like ;)

Have a great week!!


ali said...

I LOVE Lilly's new short cut!

denise said...

your kids are too cute:) what an adorable new haircut on miss lilly! those sugar cookies look wonderful! gonna look up the recipe in the cookbook now. i think it's wonderful that you had that auction. you're such a generous person, jen.

Holly said...

Those heart cookies are incredibly adorable! :D

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