this time next week.

this time next week...
will YOU be there??
1. Hosting and auction?
2. Shopping and bidding on auctions?
3. Spreading the word so that others can help with the above 2?
I'll be doing my part ;)
Here is my fabric stash for my rag quilts (I'll be auctioning off a custom made one!)
And luckily, there is a nice little sale on this fabric through next weekend. And I have gift cards :)
Little Bean will be giving away a set of goodies too...
Dave too!
Ali has a post up.
Erin as well.
Just added... from Mimi, Jenny and Krysty!!
Thank you to everyone who has already committed to hosting an auction (there is still plenty of time to do this!), or who has already posted a link on their blog, or who has spread the word in their own way :)
Have a great weekend :)

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