photo tagged!

Arminda tagged me to post the 4th photo, in my 4th folder of pics.

I've been wanting to be tagged for this, so here I go... off to see what the photo is!! I'm even going to surprise myself, I'm going to add a photo by the jpeg name, not the image :)

ok, it got a little tricky, cause i have folders in folders in folders, but here is the surprise pic!


i couldn't really tell you much about this picture besides it came from the april 2008 folder, it's in our kitchen, and it's lilly... hamming it up... true to herself :) looks like she has her pants rolled up and is sockless. VERY lilly :) and looks like the little man is drinking juice and having a snack. VERY cohen :)

now... i tag... erin, ali, denise, mary, and anyone else who just wants to!

and don't forget! the auctions are this weekend :)


ali said...

Thanks for the fun motivation to get me blogging! I already posted my picture and it is a cutie!

Rorie said...

It does make it harder when you have folders in folders, huh? I did that a few months ago. :)

Krissy said...

She is so adorable! My daughter loves hamming it up too.

arminda said...

ADORABLE picture!! :)

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