things i could have facebooked...

It's no secret im addicted to blogs.
I'd be addicted to facebook and twitter too if I had a smart phone.
Good thing I don’t.
Have a smart phone that is.

Though you may not believe it, I don’t sit at my computer all day long.
But I am always thinking of things to post on facebook.
Then I think... no one really wants to know every little thought I have.
So I thought id start writing them down and turning them into blog posts.
Not that anyone wants to read them here either.
But I do.

Enter… a new series… it's unnammed as of yet.
facebook rejects.
wannabe status. statuses? what's the plural for that?

so anyway.
here is the first installment.
'things i could have facebooked...'

-Making sugar cookies make me happy.

-I want 7 layer salad. 8 layers really.

-I’m making Playdoh (soon).

-I think I need the pink and black apron.

-Do you think my neighbors have some meringue powder I can borrow?

-Operation 8 dozen decorated sugar cookies begin!

-Even been so tired you feel drunk? That’s me.

-Cookies. Laundry. Sleep. Repeat.

-Why do I think of things I'd like for Christmas AFTER it matters?

-The cookies are done. I need a nap.

-My whole house smells like bacon.

So, i'll keep jotting down more facebook status ideas throughout the week.
The ones that don't make it to my actual facebook. 
And when there is enough, I’ll blog them.
Just for fun.  Feel free to join in.


ali said...

those were so funny! I can't wait to read more!

Janelle said...

I love this. :) But I think you should put them on FB, too, when you think of them! I, for one, enjoy reading your "little thoughts". They make me smile!

Rorie said...

Hahaha, I do the same thing. All day long, I am either formulating blog posts or facebook posts in my head. Love it! :)

Jen said...

I do the same thing! More than I care to admit end up getting posted...I'm sure my friends wonder why I don't have better things to do than post on facebook!

Katie said...

I have two smart phones but most of the time I come up with good status updates driving! I love twitter better for "facebook" updates - because I think it's a better way to catalog your thoughts/moments with like 156 characters - no comments or links or other stuff from people etc. You should twitter!

erin said...

Love this idea! One of the reasons I decided to start blogging again - I wasn't sure if everyone needed to know random things all the time. Though I will say that those "rejects" would have been a thousand times better than half of what I read on FB daily. ;) I just might lift this idea soon.

denise said...

I love your stauses! I'd for sure be commenting on them. I love creative status updates. And you my dear are the most creative gal I "know". :)

Swedish Mama said...

Great thoughts, JEN, and all the comments. So many of them could have been spoken by me, many were spoken in my head, just never made it to the keyboard. Keep it up so we can keep saying ditto...

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