santa claus is coming to town

we've gotten to see Santa a few times this year.
this is the first time since cohen was a baby that he didnt cry.
and he was proud to announce that he was not going to cry this year.
then we took the kids to open skate on sunday.
and look who showed up!
so fun.
and yes.
this is cohen. in full hockey gear.
 and the little lady loves skating too.
we are counting down the days to Santa's visit in our house.
the kids want it here now... but we'd prefer time slow down a bit.


Rorie said...

Yay for not crying! My kids have not been to visit Santa at all this year. Just didn't work out. Hopefully they don't notice.

erin said...

That is a GREAT Santa pic - both of them! The Santa skate looks really fun! Agreed - time does need to slow down a bit.

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, glad they (and you) had so much santa fun

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