i'm not one for resolutions.
i'd rather call them goals.
or... things i'd like to do.
sometimes i change my mind.
and a lot of the time i add more.

some of them are evergoing goals...
more like, life goals really.

so, here my goals for the new year.

Make some big choices.

Keep on running.

Declutter my life.

Make a real quilt.

Keep on blogging.

Grow LBE.

Cookies. Go with it.

Make more homemade food.

Prayer list.

Office. Clean it.

Decorate master bed & bath.

a BIG garden.

5Ks. 4 miler. 5 miler.

Work on kid’s wing.

Keep up on my pics. Saving. Sorting. Printing.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Be healthy.

Be nice. To everyone. Even when it's hard.

Watch my attitude.

Speak wise. Watch what I say.

Control what I can. Release what I cannot.

Feel my feelings. And be ok with them.


Sew more things.

Less piles.

Pray more.  Whine, worry, wonder less.

Be the best wife and mommy I can be.

now they are out.
they are real.

what are your goals?
i may like them. and take them.


sarah said...

love your non-resolutions. i'm an intentions and goals and wishes kind of gal myself.

i'm working on my list.
i didn't do so well with 2010's list. i might need to revisit it.

Katy Cameron said...

Good grief that's some list. Mine are to grow the Littlest Thistle, enter some more bear comps, take a couple of holidays to Ireland with friends, and that's about it!

Rorie said...

I think your non-resolutions came straight from my head. Seriously, most of those are things I'm constantly trying to work on. Or at least I think about doing it. ;)

Sam said...

Goals are great and much more real than resolutions. Nice list, btw.

Katie said...

Love them! I am still working on my list but it will be forth coming on my blog as the 52-11'

ali said...

A year ago I had the goal of going on 6 real dates with hubby! Loved it!!

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