happy tree

my parents cleaned out their attic and saved me a few things.
the aluminum tree :)
i took it to college with me.
im not exactly sure where it all came from.
they may have been some of my grandpa's finds.
he was a professional garage saler ;)
and a dumpster diver.
and pretty awesome at that.
vintage ornaments!
(that's a happy squeal.)
and a cute little village :)
the littles and i set it all up this week.
by the window.
in the corner of the 'play wing' of the house.
not sure if that is the best place...
but. so far so good.
(knock on wood)
look how pretty...
i feel so lucky to have these.
our elf, galleon, returned this week.
he likes the tree too :)


Anonymous said...

I love it! Those really are collectible ornaments. I have one more tree to put up and that's happening tonight.
Love, Aunt T

Rorie said...

What a wonderful gift from your parents!

sarah said...

how wonderful! i love vintage ornaments like those, and that tree is fabulous!

Robin said...

how cool!
my mother still uses the vintage ornaments that she got the first Christmas she was married .. and it'll be 55 years this year! I love them.

Krysty said...

That's so pretty Jen! I'm sure the kids LOVE it, as well as you!

arminda said...

I LOVE the ornaments!! I'm wanting to head to some of the little shops downtown to hunt for some vintage goodness myself. How wonderful that yours have such special meaning! :)

Allison said...

So jealous! I love, love, love vintage stuff!

Janelle said...

I do read all your blog posts, but sometimes not until weeks later (sorry!), and I am just now seeing this one. I love all these cool vintage items! Awesome pictures! And I have to tell you that I have an elf who must be Galleon's long lost brother. :) Mine wears green, but he's still very similar.

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