steelhead, say what?!?

as much as i like having dave home on the weekends...
i know how important it is for him to get to do his own thing every now and then.

his thing right now... fly fishing.
in the snow.

he caught his first steelhead over the weekend.
(see how i act like i know exactly what i am talking about?)
dave is pretty excited.
and it made for a good dinner.
for dave.
he caught it on a fly he tied himself.
and a pink one at that :)
i appreciate how the fish bit perfectly for a nice scrapbook photo.
thanks fish!
winter man.
you are crazy.
but i love you still.
to see dave licking his fish and shaking his booty watch this video.
i've only watched it about 10 times. per cohen's request.
though i do quite enjoy the butt shot :)
(oh. and he catches two fish too.)

special thanks to patrick who may or may not know i stole his pics/video to post.
his write up on dave's 1st steelhead is a very nice read.
all you closet fly fishing lovers should go check out his site.
it's very nice :)  and has been added to my blog list.

and that may be the last time you read the word 'steelhead' on my blog.


sarah said...

awesome! i grew up fishing with my grandparents so i can appreciate the excitement over these fish!

good job dude!

Patrick Campbell said...

Very Nice!

Sam said...

So, so cool. Congrats on your first experience with steelheads. And great buttshot.

Rorie said...

Ew on licking the fish. But I wouldn't even lick a cooked one, so I'm easily icked out by food of the fishy kind.
But congrats to him for catching it! :)

erin said...

All I've got is...hehehehehe!!!

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