mock ice cream sandwiches

here's a little treat we've enjoyed for a number of years.
my aunt gave me the recipe.
(she gives me most of 'my' great recipes.)

they are like mock ice cream sandwiches.
super easy. super good.
and they are weight watchers.
i believe they are a point a sandwich.
(under the old points system... not sure how the new way works.)

so if you eat 2. or 3. or 4.
you dont have to feel too bad about it ;)

start with 2 things.
graham crackers. whipped cream.
(you can get crafty and use chocolate grahams too!)
slap some whipped cream on half a cracker.
 top it with the other half of the cracker.
line them in a container. 
 double rows for us!
put them in the freezer.
(we try to let them sit over night ;)

then enjoy!
keep whatever you dont eat at that sitting in the freezer.
then get out more when you want more.
mmmm, do we have more?

p.s. and thank you.
for all the kind words and support on my last post.
i am not done blogging :)
i won't let one incident take away what makes me smile.

1 comment:

Rorie said...

Probably a bit less messy than regular ice cream sandwiches too, right? I'll have to try these for my kids, I'm sure they'd love them!

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