Most of the time I don’t know what I am talking about.
But... sometimes some pretty classic things come out of my mouth.

Enter my new series: Jen-liners
Things I say that make me laugh.
(At myself.)
Especially when repeated in my head.

Like my coulda been on fb series...
I will be writing my lines down as they come to me.
And storing them up for future posts.

enjoy. or not :)

-You are not wearing handcuffs to church.

-You don’t get to whine about everything.

-I do not want to hear the word poopie again… unless you have to go poopie.

-Let’s not do anything that we have to change our pants about.

-You think you’re hilarious all the time. But you’re really not.
(That’s actually a 2 liner by Dave.)

(and just for kicks...)
the spell check did not like the word 'poopie.'
it did however offer these words as replacements...



Jen said...

Ha ha...does anyone really ever type "poopie" and mean potpie? I think not.

Rorie said...

Hahahaha, that had me giggling. I think I'm going to steal your "You don't get to whine about everything" line. Some days, I really, really need to use that one.

chloë. said...

haha I love the clarifcation on the use of the word poopie :P

erin said...

You can't wear handcuffs to church! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

No activities that requiring changing pants! Love it!

Cracking up!

arminda said...

Poopie. hahaha See MY spell check just gave me poo pie, poo-pie and get this, POOP! hahaha

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