crack me up.

what started as an attempt at a self portrait turned into this.
these kids. crack. me. up.
'staff man' is a character name made up by lilly's music teacher.
the rest is self explanitory. or not ;)


Lesley said...

I'll keep an eye out fir the kids on the improv nights!

Rorie said...

Hahaha, love how Cohen is copying Lilly with the finger dancing thing. Too funny.

Sam said...

Part of that dance is like a dance I used to see at parties in my younger days..... it involved passing a certain smoking jointed pleasure. I didn't partake of course (my Mom raised me better than that), but that is shockingly similar. :-)
Thankfully those days are far ahead for you.

arminda said...

Sooo sooo funny!! haha :)

arminda said...

OK I can't stop laughing. Reece and I are watching Cohen at the end. He's so stinkin cute. :) And by the way, what color do I see on your walls in that other room missy?! :)

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