43 of these are coming scrapbooking with me today :) 
(for eating of course. i will share.)
2 people at the crop will be leaving with a gift cert for a dozen cookies :)

and for more Pete the Cat... see my friend Erin's blog!
she posted another darling version :)

and i will try to stop posting so many cookie and pete the cat things.
but i just can't get enough.
and i like to know where to find them :)


ooty1 said...

I want to have a party JUST so I can order some cookies. You are great and the cookies look amazing!!

Rorie said...

Can I invite you to my next scrapbook party? I'm so jealous. :)

Jen said...

They look sooooo good. I want to place an order! Oh, wait, then there was the resolution about losing some weight....oops.

sarah said...

i want to go scrapbooking + cookie eating with you! your cookies always are so pretty! i bet they taste amazing too :)

ali said...

Your cookies look beautiful! Don't stop sharing the pictures!

Hope you had fun scrapping!

erin said...

The cookies were amazing! I am jealous of your cookie baking talents. They look beautiful AND taste good. I'm lucky.:)

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