hockey boy

well. it's official.
we have 2 hockey players in the house.
cohen started his real hockey classes on saturday.
it was a very long wait for this day to come.
for the little man.
and his daddy :)
leaving the house at 7:20am for an 8:15am start time.
in the dark. in the snow.
ready to step on the ice.
this was his first time to take his stick on the ice.
oh the excitement!
dave said cohen was the smallest one out there.
 but he handled the stick and puck like he was born with it in his hands. 
notice his taped blade with black shading?
im sure dave had nothing to do with that.
 is there anything much cuter than a 3 year old hockey player!?!
 i tease cohen that we should have named him hockey :)
ice time is over.  what are the first words out of cohen's mouth?
"i stinky like daddy. i need a shower by myself."
he even has a towel in his bag.
oh my.


Rorie said...

Oh, the cuteness! That is just adorable. And what's even cooler is he even looks like he knows what he's doing! :) Love it.

erin said...

Love that he's all smiles! When did he get to be so big!

Kirchner'sblog said...

Oh my goodness - he is cute!! We were just in your neck of the woods for a Darrin hockey game. I was so wishing I had your number, knowing what a hockey fanatic he is. It would have been fun to hook up. We were at the Chiller rink in Dublin for 2 games on Saturday. Take care. I'm glad I figured out how to leave a comment - ha!!

Kirchner'sblog said...

Umm - I don't really have a blog - so don't bother looking -ha!

Swedish Mama said...

So cute, so glad you shared this wonderful day with us. Sticks like Daddy..??? too cute.

Jennifer P said...

Too Cute!
My "baby" started hockey...at 13, roller hockey here tho' no ice. Didn't realize it was such a stinky sport! Oh my the worst especially in this heat and humidity! :) Enjoy this time-it truly goes by too fast!

Mary said...

OK, this isn't even my kid and I teared up at the big boy cuteness. They grow way too fast!

Anonymous said...

So adorable, Jen! He looks so grown up! They grow up waaaayyyyy too fast!


Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, so cute, could he see over the boards?

ali said...

Awesome!!! Looks like he is loving it!

Sam said...

How very cool for all of you. He looks so natural out there.

Nicole Sassen said...

Where in Central Ohio can you take actual hockey classes at age 3? At the Chiller you have to be 5..am I missing some special program or something? Thanks!

jen said...

nicole, it was at the OSU rink... but he is now 5, and has been playing at the chiller for 2 year... was grandfathered in as he passed stinger 1-3!

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