homemade holiday

i dubbed this Christmas season...
"the season not to get stressed out over making homemade gifts" season.

i did well not stressing out over needing to make all the gifts.
but of course i couldnt go without making some :)

the littles made cookies in a jar.
(the making part was much more fun then they actually tasted...)
i made up some 'cookies of the month' coupon rings for a few great people :)
the little man now has his very own apron.
(made and embroidered by mommy ;)
so he doesnt have to wear his sister's cupcake one anymore :)
(hunting down some cute hockey fabric was an adventure of it's own.)
and lilly got another sandwich wrap :)
(this gets a post of its own sooner or later...)
we (as in i told dave what to do...) did make one more thing.
some glass hurricane vases for dave's mom.
they were pretty.  why did i not take a picture?
i may just have to make another set.


Rorie said...

Love the apron! I bought fabric to make Joey an apron back when he was 3...he's 5 1/2 now and I have yet to finish even cutting the fabric out. One day...
You are so inspirational with all your handmade items! :)

ooty1 said...

Those cookie rings are a great idea!! You are so crafty and great. And thanks for the new onesie! She loved it! :)

arminda said...

The apron is great! Reece has one but Mason doesn't. I never thought to make one myself! Duh! :) And I can't wait for your post on the sandwich wrap!! :)

erin said...

GREAT gift ideas!

Cohen cracks me up!

Katy Cameron said...

Phew, no more cupcake apron for Cohen, must have been killing him ;o)

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