no good TV tonight

nothing circled on the TV schedule... so i am going to blog :)

...about a bunch of random things, but maybe someone will find something interesting ;)

*speaking of TV... The OC is being cancelled. I am very sad about this, as I love a little night-time drama. But, i'll get over it i am sure. I'll just have to get the entire show on DVD :)

*love Old Navy! They have 50% off their clearance stuff right now :) Got Dave some shirts for $2, 2 pairs of jeans (one for $5, one for $10), Valentine's gifts, PJs for next Christmas (cheap cheap cheap!), some new baby gifts, and Lilly's Christmas dress for next year ($4!!). Very much like a garage sale with NEW clothes :)

*Lilly is a sicky little girl right now, but we managed to have a fun weekend. We officially moved her into her new big girl bed (and bedroom). Daddy painted the walls, and we hung up a few pictures to make it seem like it was actually a new room. Here she is the 1st time sleeping in her HUGE bed for her nap... with her boppy that I used with her for nearly a year. I'm in the market for a new one for Fin :)

*took Lilly to see Happy Feet. Very cute movie. Loved all the music. Lilly was dancing through half the movie and Fin was sqirming around quite a bit too :)

I was spelling out to Dave...
"Do you want to go to H-A-P-P-Y- F-E-E-T ?"
To which Lilly replies... "mama. don't say pee-pee"

see... she does listen after all :)

*here is the latest Fin belly picture :)

*and the last thing for tonight... another funny lilly comment that dave just told me about tonight. another comment that proves she is in fact, my daughter.

Lilly grabbed a mint off the counter, held it up to dave and says...

"I'm gonna put this back. It's not on sale."

hehehhehe. love that little lady :)


Rorie said...

Love reading those Lilly comments! :) Sounds like you're raising her well. :) Cute belly pic too. Hope Lilly feels better soon.

ali said...

Yeah! I hope Lilly loves her new room! It looks cute!!

We were thinking about taking Josh to see Happy Feet. With your recommendation, we will have to take him soon!

Janelle said...

Hope Miss Lilly's feeling better today. And, LOL, I love her comments!!

Sweeet pic of her kissing your tummy, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the random blogs! They are always fun to read. How is Lilly liking her new room? It looks cute. Hope to see you Saturday sometime.


rmeyfe said...

Yeah on sleeping in the big girl bed, Evan just started sleeping in a big boy bed too.

Great pictures!!

Love the sale comment!! :)

Denise said...

I love your belly shots! So dear. Lilly's comments crack me up:)

erin said...

Lilly gets funnier and funnier every day!

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