no confetti love?


no one wants the confetti?

i guess ill be forced to mix it all up and pour it into the RAKs that i mail out :)

(don't doubt me)

the RAK/drawing (see previous post) will continue a few more days... im not feeling well, and im tired, and im trying to work on Feb 1st MP site and blog so i wont be getting to this blog for a few more days. but make sure you check the mp site and blog when february is here...

for your pleasure... lol... a family self portrait at the blue jackets game last weekend! we are nice, arent we nice?

dont forget to check the post below :)


rmeyfe said...

Blue Jackets?? They must be hockey right!!?? I am so not into sports, I have no clue what is going on. Looks like you guys are a fun family!!

ali said...

I love the family self portrait! Hope you guys had fun!!

Rorie said...

Cute family portrait! That's so awesome that you guys take Lilly to
games and things like that.

Oh, and Joey says hi...


Janelle said...

Love the photo, Jen!

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