chocolate is good.

Lilly is feeling better.
I am now sick.
Sudafed isn't doing a thing for me... so I'm going to have to wade it out.

In the meantime.... here are some happy chocolate things for when you are sick :)
or pregnant.
or anytime really.

Ferraro Rocher Chocolates

(love love love these. i ask for them at christmas time, and usually get a few! oh... and i see on their homepage that they offer them in valentine and easter packages too... of course they do.)


(always wanted to try this. it was on sale the other week, so i bought some. YUMM! loving it on mini wheat bagels for breakfast. could become an evil addiction if not used properly... like dave sticking his finger in it and saying.... "ohh, this tastes like chocolate and peanut butter." those are hazelnuts dear... thank you very much, and get your finger out of there! and upon looking for the link... realized this is made by the same company as the above candies... no wonder they tasted the same inside! and what?!? they make tic-tacs too!! i need some stock in this company.)

Mauna Loa Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Macademias

(ive been eyeing these at meijer and target all through the holiday season, but wasnt up for spending $9.00 on them. went to meijer the other day, and there sits a lowly canister all by itself with the reject clearance holiday cookies. take them to the register... $2.49. YES! very delicious... another addictable item. always loved macademias... but covered in chocolate? delicious.)

Dietsch's Chocolate Covered Pretzles

(these are from my hometown... my dad gets me a 1 pound box at christmastime. once i open them, they are gone within 2 days. i am waiting to open my box until after my next OB appointment... just in case i've already gained 10 pounds since my last appointment. which has in fact, happened before. but truly... if you ever have a chance to try these... please do, you'll smile, real big.)

hope that leaves you with a little drool!
let me know if im missing any other sorts of chocolate treats :)

oh, just thought (after writing my title)... maybe this explains my complexion at the moment :)
and here i was trying to figure out my hormones.


Rorie said...

So sorry you're sick! Hope it passes soon. Chocolate can fix anything, right? :)

Anonymous said...

I love Dietsch's Chocolate Covered Pretzles. I am drooling. Karen R.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Karen R.

erin said...

Yum, yum and more yum!

Janelle said...

Mmmmmmmm.... :)

Hope you'll be feeling better real soon!

Anonymous said...

I have tried most all of the above and LOVE LOVE all of them but have never tried Nutella... So, that was just added to our grocery list for today's visit to Meijer!! I am now craving for something chocolate! Hope you feel better, Jen!


P.S. It was so fun to see you guys yesterday!! Everytime we see you, we wish we lived closer!

ali said...

I love chocolate too! I was just telling Richard the other day that the baby LOVES chocolate. It is not ME wanting to eat chocolate every day. Of course not ;) I am just being a good mommy!

Denise said...

Hope you're feeling better, Jen. Your list of goodies made my sweet tooth come alive! Off to find someting yummy...

Anonymous said...

Cocolate yum.. I need to try some of those pretzels.. I love them...

Got my stamps.. now I need to assemble them..

Although, Dh got them out of the mailbox... and postalperson bent them in half to put in mailbox..
He was very mad about that.. cant she read on the front.. "HANDLE WITH CARE"

They seemed to be ok.. the adhesive stuff is a little wrinkled which I think will be fine..


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I love Nutella!!!


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