pretty random

2 little stories and my new favorite clip.

cohen: mommy? after Christmas, I play hockey.
I want Christmas to come today.

me: oh buddy, you have to wait a while. Christmas isn't for a long time.

cohen: like in 5 minutes?

(we may have made the mistake of mentioning real hockey lessons.)
(a little too early.)

and a running story that happened a while back...
all my normal running clothes were in the dirty clothes basket.
so i grabbed a too small pair of nike shorts.
and a spaghetti strap tank top (that i normally wear to bed) for my run.
i told dave and the kids it would make me run faster.
since i wouldnt want anyone seeing me dressed like that.
when i came home, lilly asks...
"mom, did you get any complaints?"

(she was serious.)

and this.
love it.
i {heart} JT :)

welcome to my ipod.
(or at least a fourth of the mix on my ipod ;)
(totally worth watching, dont mind that pesky commercial)

happy weekend!


Lesley said...

LILLY! AH. I love the honesty- but come on. You are running- good for you, Jen!

arminda said...

Complaints?! hahahah So funny! :) And love the video!

Jennifer P. said...

LOL! I read 2 stories and dip so I wondered why you didn't post a new recipe and then I re-read "clip", guess I need to wear my glasses more! Great job on running! No clean running clothes would of been a good enough excuse for me! Take care!

ooty1 said...

I heart JT too!! Loving that video!!!!

Swedish Mama said...

kids say the darnest things

Wild and Precious said...

way so super cute.

Rorie said...

LOL, don't you just "love" the comments kids make?
Totally with you on them not quite getting the time thing. Joey's the same way.

Nancy said...

Don't you just love kid comments? You never quite know what to expect. Love the stories. :)

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