hello fiesta.

those of you who really know me...
know that i don't treat myself very much.
(aka: i am extremely frugal.)
(or aka: i have a hard time spending money. period.)
whatever you want to call it.
call it.

i treated myself.
 never has my dishwasher made me smile.
the pfaltzgraffs were wedding dishes.
so we've had them almost 10 years.
that's a good life for dishes.
don't you think?
they were good dishes.
and i wish i could say i will miss them.
but i don't think i will.
and just to clear the air ;)
i'm a big girl now and i have a kohl's card.
the sets were marked 40% off.
then buy 5 sets get one free.
and i had an additional 30% off coupon.
which is why i got new dishes.
and because i am allowed to treat myself.
even if i do it frugally :)


arminda said...

I was just looking at those Fiesta dishes!! I looooove those!! I love that you got all different colors! So pretty! :) We didn't get dishes when we got married. We bought a box of clearance dishes at Kroger seven years ago and they are slowly disappearing (ie breaking haha). We are so due some new dishes. :)

ooty1 said...

Love love love Fiesta!! They will make you smile forever! And you are the master bargain hunter. :) Impressive!

sarah said...

that's awesome jen! i love the rainbow colors, a happy dishwasher indeed!

i'm so glad you treated yourself. you need to do that every once in a while!

Ferguson said...

Good for you and a good deal!! Always have to take advantage of that 30% off:) My mom has recently gotten into Fiesta and she loves them...I hope they keep you happy for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I like!! Dishes and glasses are my weakness. That may be my sister's weekend goal...new dishes. :)Aunt T

Mary said...

he he. I have the same dishes. We too got them when we were married. I just recently thought that it was time for new. Someday : )

ali said...


Katy Cameron said...

Yay for happy dinner plates!

Rorie said...

Those dishes are so pretty! Love them. And way to go on treating yourself to something that makes you smile. :)

April Poknis said...

aww, fun! we have them in red from our wedding. it's been 3 years, and we still haven't opened them...we're waiting for our new kitchen first. maybe this summer??? :)

HennHouse said...


So beautiful!

I don't know what the life of dishes is supposed to be. We've had ours for as long as we've been married. And they were Tim's grandpa's (I think for 50 years or so) before that. Just basic corelleware. I would LOVE fiesta dishes!

monica said...

what a great treat for yourself!!!

love them


Jen said...

You are definitely allowed to treat yourself!

And we still have our wedding dishes...I think I'm too lazy to try to find something new!

Janelle said...

Love your new dishes, Jen! :) We have FiestaWare, too, but not all the colors like that. We got light blue and yellow when we were married, and just last year my parents gave us sets of cream and colbalt to go with them....

Sam said...

Ell and I had a full Fiesta ware set. Except our set was one of each color. (Well, not all the colors, but 16 different ones.) Pretty bright when they're all stacked together. We're lucky enough to live 20 minutes from the HL plant so we visited their "seconds" warehouse a couple times a year. Very cool to get Fiesta Ware at 80% off, all the time. Jealous, right? :)

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I love it!! You really need to spend more money and your sweet husband to a weekend away to East Liverpool, stay at the Sturge's Bed and Breakfast and take a trip to the Fiesta Store/Warehouse Sale over the toll bridge! Its a great place and you'll love both of them!

Widge said...

haha you sound so similar to me!! I love the new colourful ones!! good on you!

Allison said...

Excellent choice! I have fiesta ware (red and green) and we love it. I also love that you stacked it following ROY G BIV - you're a gal after my own OCD heart ;)

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