remember my 'my life people' series?
i know. it's been a while.

Paula asked me about my top 5 favorite books.

Well. I don’t have a favorite.
or even 5 top favorites.
And if I did. they wouldn’t even be grown up books.
(sorry to cop out of the question… but here is my answer.)
I love picture books.
Love them. A lot.
It’s probably the thing I miss most about teaching.
Being right there in all the newness of great kid books.
the stories.  the characters.  the pictures.
I think it’s safe to say I collect books.
(picture books, that is.)
I don’t buy them new. Surprise.
I garage sale them. Thrift store them.
Accumulate them.
So... here's a list of a few favorites in our home library.
The ones I really really love.
(As in, it will be really hard for me to ever get rid of them.)
I’m sure I missed a ton. And i will feel bad they aren’t on the list.
(and i will add them later. probably.)

Quiet as a Cricket
The Napping House
In My World
No Baths for Tabitha
My Great Aunt Arizona
In the Tall Tall Grass
One Lucky Girl
Marsupial Sue
The Library
We All Sing with the Same Voice
The Old Woman Who Named Things
Annabelle’s Awful Waffle
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Have You Seen Birds?
Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm
Things That Are Most in this World
Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon
A House is a House for me
Roberto the Insect Architect
There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon
A Fish out of Water
I was a 2nd grade Werewolf
The Pain and the great one
(Anything by David Shannon….)
Alice the Fairy
No David
Bad Case of the Stripes
(Lots of Kevin Henkes too…)
Lilly and the purple plastic purse
Julius, the baby of the world
The Bad Good Manners Book
(Jamie Lee Curtis has lots of fun ones…)
When I Was Little
There’s one I want to add to our collection.
One book I remember loving when I was little…
And Rain Makes Applesauce.

I’m not sure if we had this book growing up or not.
Or if it was just a book that I loved.
I remember being infatuated with the illustrations.
So much that I remember it still today.
I can still see the pictures in my head.

I’ve been reading and hearing things all over the place about picture books going out of style. Literally. That makes me so so sad.

I enjoy technology as much as the average person.
But come on? No more books!?!
Books should never be replaced.
I can’t imagine a world without them.
We will be supporting out local libraries on the November ballot.
Hope you support yours.

And to prove I do read books for grown ups.
Here’s a little stack.
Garage sale, loaned, and gifted books.
I’m lucky if I read 2 a year.
I like to pass them on when I’m done.
Whoever wants The Notebook and Running with Scissors can have them.

i'd love to know what you are reading.
for yourself.
or to you kids.


April Poknis said...

i love, love, love books too! how can i not being a 1st grade teacher? picture books can never be gone...how would we teach our kiddos? i saw several of my favorites on your list and in your adult stack. the lovely bones is one of my favorites, the time travelers wife is great, and i sobbed during the notebook. i love anything by nicholas sparks (i think i've read just about all of them) and just finished his new one, safe haven. i've also read the steig larson books lately - the girl with the dragon tattoo, the girl who played with fire, and just picked the third book up at the library. maternity leave has been great for reading :) i'd love any recommendations you have as well!

April Poknis said...

was running with scissors a good read?

jen said...

april, running with scissors is well... interesting ;) thanks for your ideas too, ill look out for them at garage sales!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I learned a lot about you on this one. Usually the blogs are about the kids.


Paula said...

I couldn't even begin to list my top favorite books, either. I have too many!;) Thank you for your support of the library, it means the world to me. Only 10 more days til the election...

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