nmta week

did you know?
it's national massage therapy awareness week.
how do i know this?
my sister.

she recently graduated from massage therapy school in NYC.
and even more recently got her LMT license.
(she is a licensed massage therapsit!)

how awesome is that?
i am so proud of her. 

on top of graduating.
and getting her license.
and contining to work at a spa she has been with for a while.

she has opened her own massage therapy business.

even if you aren't in brooklyn to enjoy her services...
her blog and fb posts are great to read. 
lots of great info for your everyday well being.

(but if you are in the brooklyn vacinity... well, go get a massage ;)


Lesley said...

In honor of your sister I scheduled a prenatal massage for this weekend. OK...its just ironic I did it...but I will tip better knowing this. Congrats to her! I will tell my brother in law who is ny NYC re her!

Rorie said...

Congrats to your sister! :)

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