oh cohen

Cohen and I were looking through the USA hockey magazine this morning.
(Because that’s what we do.)

He points to a pic and asks…
C: What’s his name?
Me: Matt Smaby.  (I only knew because of the caption...)
C: giggles.
Me: Someday it will say ‘Cohen David…’ right?
C: more giggles.
Me: Do you want to play hockey someday?
C: I want to play Junior A.
Me: What? (as in… did you just say what I think you said?)
C: I want to play Junior A hockey.
Me: (that’s what I thought you said.)

Now. For him to say he wants to play hockey?
That doesn’t surprise me a bit.

Junior A?
The fact that he knew that as an option?
That’s what caught me by surprise.

And just to make a point that hockey isn't the only thing in the world...
Some sneak peak Halloween costume pics :)
bad boys.
bad boys.
come on, sing it now.


Rorie said...

K, I absolutely love his Halloween costume!

April Poknis said...

too cute!

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